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Lock-off Day Procedure

There seems to be some confusion regarding the lock-off procedure, so we would like to clear that up. Lock-off day is on or about the 25th of each month. If you have a past-due bill on that date, your meter will be locked off and a $60.00 trip fee will be added to your account. The past-due bill AND the trip fee must be paid in order to have the lock removed.

*Note* Water bills are mailed out on the 20th of each month. If your bill shows a Past Due amount on the left side of the bill, that amount must be paid before the 25th. The due date of the 10th that is stated on the water bill is for the current bill only.

Please check the back of your water bill each month, as it will state the Lock-off day for the following month, along with other news or notices. If the 25th of the month falls on a Friday or a holiday, Lock-off day will be the following business day. We no longer send out Friendly Reminders or Lock Notices, we haven't done so since July of 2013. It is your responsibility to make sure your bill is paid in a timely manner.

A great way to avoid late fees and lock-off fees is to sign up for Automatic Bank Draft. The ACH Payment Authorization form can be printed or downloaded here. Simply print it out, fill out your information and return to our office. You can fax it to 254-578-1836, email it to navarromillswater@yahooo.com or mail it to 1160 FM 667, Purdon, TX 76679. You may also come to the office and request the form.

Below is the page in our Tariff which explains the Lock-off procedure.

                                         THIRD REVISION AND ADDITION TO FIRST REVISION SHEET NO. E-7


f. Failure to pay for the restoration of a tap removed by the utility at its option or removed as the result of tampering or delinquency in payment by a previous customer.


g. Failure to comply with regulations or rules for anything other than the type of utility service specifically requested including failure to comply with septic tank regulations.


11. Deferred Payment Agreement. The Corporation may offer a deferred payment plan to a Member who cannot pay an outstanding balance that is more than $500.00. The first minimum payment will be at least $500.00. The first payment will equal the number of gallons used multiplied by $.00214 or $500.00, whichever is greater. The remaining balance will be paid in two equal monthly installments. In addition, the Member must pay their current monthly bill by the due date.


12. Charge Distribution and Payment Application

a. The Minimum Monthly Charge or the Reserved Service Charge is applied from the first day of the billing month to the last day of the billing month. Charges shall be prorated for meter installations and service terminations falling during the billing month. All services shall be subject to this charge whether or not the service is in use by the Member.


b. Gallonage Charge, defined as water usage in excess of any water allotment included in the Minimum Monthly Charge, shall be billed at the rate specified in Section G, and shall be billed in one hundred (100) gallon increments. Water charges for usage exceeding the monthly allotment are based on monthly meter readings and are calculated from reading date to reading date. Readings used in all billing calculations shall be taken by the Corporation’s employees or designated representative.


c. Posting of Payments – All payments shall be posted against previous balance prior to posting against current billings.


13. Due Dates, Delinquent Bills, And Service Disconnection Dates. The Corporation shall mail all bills on or about the 25th of the month. All bills shall be due upon receipt, and are past due beyond the date indicated on the bill, allowing approximately fifteen (15) days to pay, after which time a penalty shall be applied as described in Section G. A bill is delinquent if not paid by the past due date. Payments made by mail will be considered late if postmarked after the due date. If the past due date for the regular or final billing is on a weekend or holiday, the past due date for payment purposes shall be the next day the Corporation’s office is open for business after said weekend or holiday. If the bill is not paid in full by the 25th of the month in which it is due, a lock will be placed on the meter. For all disputed payment deadlines, the date postmarked on each bill will determine the beginning of each billing cycle or final notice mailings.


Upon written request, any residential customer 60 years of age or older who occupies the entire premises of a dwelling receiving water utility service from the Corporation shall receive extension of the past due date, without penalty. The extension shall not exceed ten days beyond the usual fifteen day payment period for a total of no more than 25 days from the date the bill is issued. The request may specify extension of the late payment periods for current and subsequent billings.













DATE APPROVED: JULY 18, 2013                                                                                                                                       NMWSC