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Notice of Rate Increase


July 21, 2021


Dear Member/Customer,


On July 15, 2021 the Navarro Mills Water Supply Corporation (“Corporation”) Board of Directors held their Regular Monthly Meeting and voted to increase the water rates for all customers. This rate increase is necessary to continue providing quality water to you, maintaining our current infrastructure as well as preparing our system for future growth.

The rate increase will be reflected in the August billing cycle.

The new base-rate (minimum monthly charge) for a 5/8” x ¾” meter will be $25.50.

The base-rate for a 1” meter will be $63.75.

The new water rate will be $7.00 per 1,000 gallons. Below is a comparison between the old rate and new rate for 4,000 gallons:


         Old rate              New Rate                         Old Rate              New Rate

                 (¾ x 5/8” meter)                                                (1” meter)

Base:      $23.00                 $25.50                               $57.50                $63.75

X4k gal     27.52                   28.00                                 27.52                  28.00

Reg. Fee    0.25                     0.27                                   0.43                    0.46

Total Bill   50.77                 $53.77                               $85.45                $92.21


If you have any questions regarding this rate increase, please contact the office.