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Navarro Mills WSC Employees

Attention NMWSC Customers:

There is a rumor going around that two men driving a white truck are going door to door impersonating water department employees to test customer's water and then robbing them. We have contacted the Sheriff Department to see if there is any truth to this rumor and they have not heard of anything like that going on.

We just completed our Lead/Copper sampling that we are required to do annually. Our employee dropped off the sample bottles to the designated sample site customers and then picked the bottles up. We do this every year, but the designated customers are notified in advance of when he will be coming.

For your safety and for the safety of our employees, if someone knocks on your door saying that they are from the water department, please do not hesitate to ask to see their Identification and/or call the office to verify. The ONLY time one of our employees might knock on a customer's door would be to inform them of a major leak on the customer's side and he/she would be driving the company truck which is clearly marked with Navarro Mills Water Supply Corporation on the sides of it. (We always try to call first if we have a good contact number.) Our maintenance contractor, Lonestar Environmental drives a black truck that is marked with Lonestar Environmental and also a white flat-bed truck that is not currently marked, but will be soon. Lonestar Environmental does not knock on customer's doors unless the office contacts the customer first.

We value our customers and their safety and do not want them to be afraid of our employees, however we do ask that they always be cautious about anyone knocking on their door. Once again, if someone identifies themselves as a NMWSC employee, please ask for their identification and call the Office to verify.