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Drive by meters


  • Over the next couple of months you will notice our System Maintenance Contractor installing new water meters on your property.  The system will be undergoing an Upgrade to the Meter Reading process in collecting your usage.  Starting in July, Navarro Mills Water Supply will be installing New Electronic meters that will allow the numbers previously recorded by hand to be read electronically from the vehicle.  The meter readers will no longer have to enter your property to record this information.  This process will improve the accuracy of your usage.  These new meters will also help in finding customer water leaks as, they will catch abnormalities in usage vehicle.

                As computers go, these new meters are expensive, so PLEASE do your part and prevent damage to the meters when mowing.  We currently have 1,234 meters in the System so this change out of equipment will be completed by the end of October 2015.


            How about  “0”   !  !  !  !

  • Presently it takes our meter readers 5+ Days to read everyone’s meter…..With these new Drive-by meters, this can be accomplished in just 1 day, thus saving time and cost associated with collecting our customer’s usage.  Approximately 400 miles is incurred each month collecting this data, with this new system we estimate, this will be cut in half or possibly more, by collecting both sides of the road at the same time.  Also the drive by computer will allow direct upload into the accounting software on the office computers which eliminates all errors of keying the data for each person’s readings.

  • If you have a computer and internet access, NMWSC urges you to join our information portal to keep you up-to-date.  Simply notify Carrie at the office and she can set up your email address to receive important messages.

  • Visit our website at   navarromillswsc.com

  • Remember...help us control our cost…..REPORT WATER LEAKS at 254-578-1618

From Your Board of Directors, the Employees and Contractors of NMWSC


  • Tired of getting Late Charges and having your meter locked-off due to not paying on time?

     The computer software we use, has the capability to automatically draft your checking account for your water bill each month.  The amount drafted will only be for the Amount shown on your Water Bill.  You will still receive your water bill as you have in the past, but you will notice the bill will indicate in the middle of the notice that “your bank account will be drafted”.  The draft on your account will be on the 9th of the month.  If the 9th is on the weekend, it will be drafted on Friday before.  You set the maximum amount to be drafted.  As long as your bill is less than the amount you set, it will automatically draft your account.  If your bill is greater than the maximum you set, It will not draft automatically.

    Late fees if paid after close of business on the 10th                    $15.00

    Lock Off Fee’s if not paid by close of business

     BEFORE LOCK OFF DAY                                                       $60.00


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